R#57 with Carsten Ehlich, founder of Merchcowboy

Carsten Ehlich

Is direct selling the music distribution of the future? Carsten Ehlich is one of the two founders of the merchandise fulfillment company Merchcowboy in Münster. It has grown significantly in recent years and not only supports bands like Donots or Madsen, but now also artists like Pietro Lombardi, Atze Schröder and Heiko and Roman Lochmann (formerly known as Die Lochis).

As a presenter, Ehlich also set up stationary festival radio for Highfield, Southside and Hurricane; after all, he has a past as a radio journalist for Delta Radio in Kiel.

In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, he tells many anecdotes about how it all began, what hurdles had to be overcome and how his company was able to grow. Together they discuss music distribution structures of the future and how important other platforms are in Merchcowboy's business model. Ehlich also reports on how many shops are currently being looked after, why he is currently setting up his own record company and how his company is positioned in times of Corona.

He also presents a special request that he realized with the band Montreal. Together with other artists, both are offering the charity sampler “Merchcowboy – Mixtape Vol. 1” , the entire proceeds of which go to the #handforahand solidarity fund. This supports freelancers from the event industry quickly and easily.