R#55 with Kevin Schulz, founder of Black Screen Records

Kevin Schultz

In the niche to success. The gaming industry is one of the highest-grossing entertainment industries. But what does the video game industry have in common with music, where are there points of connection and where can synergies be created?

Kevin Schulz didn't initially ask himself any of these questions; the question of his favorite gaming soundtrack drove the vinyl collector to almost spontaneously found Black Screen Records in 2015. He has been releasing and distributing these soundtracks ever since; now not just on vinyl. He already noticed the unexpected success of his first release. The Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee soundtrack quickly sold thousands of copies.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Kevin Schulz talks about his career as a freelance and long unpaid PR manager for bands and labels from the punk and emo sector such as Basement or Big Scary Monsters. He talks about his time as an author for the music magazine FUZE Magazine, his training at the renowned music distributor Cargo Records, his aborted media law studies and his parents, who immersed him in gaming at an early age.

Kevin Schulz provides insights into the world of the video game industry, his fascination with it and its worldwide distribution channels. Black Screen Records has been selling internationally from the start, primarily from its own online shop. Black Screen Records is now one of the largest European labels and retailers for gaming soundtracks, both physical and digital.