R#54 with Ronny Krieger, General Manager Europe of Patreon

Ronny Krieger

He has actually worked in almost every area of ​​the music industry. Ronny Krieger has been active there for over 25 years and is currently general manager of the European operations of the “Creator Founded Membership Platform” Patreon. He is also the deputy honorary chairman of the VUT (the association of independent music entrepreneurs) and a member of the “Digitization and AI” specialist committee of the German Cultural Council.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, the enthusiastic Depeche Mode fan talks about his passion for electronic music and his career as a label manager and management consultant in the music industry. He explains Patreon's business model, highlights the history of the US company and reports current user numbers.

Ronny Krieger had actually completed an apprenticeship as a bank clerk before he started a trial work at the then renowned music distributor EFA in Berlin at the age of 20. From then on she moved to various labels, including the techno label Kanzleramt and companies like Shutterstock and Beatport. It is precisely here that his almost missionary enthusiasm for progress, technology and digitalization becomes clear when he looks back and explains how he played a key role in establishing digital sales models in Germany from 2004 onwards.

Here, too, it becomes clear: the CrossFit enthusiast always throws himself completely into new tasks and wants to advance and change things. Ronny Krieger talks about whether this attitude sometimes hinders him, what drives him and what future issues concern him in the Redfield Podcast.