R#51 with Sebastian Kahlich (Ticketmaster)

Sebastian Kahlich

He did MTV Unplugged Sessions, got Big Brother residents to sing, and was involved in other notable moments in the music industry.

Sebastian Kahlich started his career in the music industry almost 20 years ago at Jive Records, probably the largest independent label in the world at the time. It later went to RTL via Zomba Records. There he worked on TV music collaborations or artist development, got jungle dwellers or other reality show participants to sing and evaluated products from the casting show “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”.

In 2006, via the detour Icon Impact, which developed cell phone soaps before smartphones, it finally went to Viacom. Here he marketed the music channels MTV and VIVA until he moved to Starwatch Entertainment as Director of Brand Partnerships.

At the beginning of 2020 he moved to Ticketmaster and the live industry. Then came Corona and crisis mode. Sebastian Kahlich reports in the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder about the current state of affairs at Ticketmaster and what growth opportunities the business model offers through ticketing or software and services. He makes it clear what options even small organizers have and why the company is now supporting the Redfield Podcast as a partner.

He outlines for which brands and on what scale collaborations, for example at music festivals, are really worthwhile and asks when the first hardware stores will open next to the festival supermarkets.

Sebastian Kahlich also talks about the many impressions and anecdotes he has collected over the years in the TV and entertainment industry. This shows what an extraordinary network he has developed over the years, which is not only evident in his approximately 22,000 followers on LinkedIn.