R#143 with Max Mönster, Director A&R and Creative at Universal Music DE - Urban

Max Monster

With passion to become one of the most successful German rap A&Rs.

Max Mönster comes from Bremen and grew up with many influences in a culturally influenced family. He discovered rap while still at school and became an integral part of the emerging German rap scene as MontanaMax.

In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, the current Director of A&R and Creative at the Urban Division of Universal Music Germany explains how, with a lot of hard work and organizational talent, he was able to establish his network and ultimately release an album on Elvir Omerbegovic's successful Selfmade Records label.

Mönster never wanted to rely on a musical career, but began training at EMI in Cologne after school, slowly working his way into product management and later working in the A&R department at Universal Music.

In the interview, Mönster explains his philosophy and explains how artists he supported, such as arrest warrant, Nimo and Sido, were able to become such stars. The secret of his success as one of the most successful German rap A&Rs? It's difficult to name, but what he emphasizes again and again: his passion for this style of music and the culture associated with it.

He also explains why, in addition to a demanding job, he founded the management agency 10von10 with Ilke Ulusoy.


(Photo: Lennart Brede)