R#139 with Julia Gröschel, founder of Sechsfüenf

Julia Gröschel

Through life with the beat: About hip-hop – culture, mindset and courage.

She was always fascinated by the beat, her father was a drummer and Julia Gröschel immersed herself in the Berlin hip-hop world at an early age. There she went from being a fan to becoming part of an active scene and was soon able to use her organizational skills.

In her mid-20s, she started at Vice Media, worked in a number of areas there and later became particularly involved in the events. In the Redfield Podcast, Julia Gröschel reports on what she learned, what experiences she gained with brand collaborations, how she was able to stay close to her passion for hip-hop during this time and what her perception of the sometimes quite provocative Vice image is.

Having previously worked as a freelancer, the Neuruppin native finally took the step into self-employment with “sechsfuenf”. Since then she has managed, promoted and coached artists, preferably from underground hip-hop.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Julia Gröschel explains her management philosophy, reports on self-marketing and organization and why she started a new format with “Hip Hop Lives - The 360° Culture Podcast”.