R#132 with Melanie Gollin, music journalist

Melanie Gollin

Could the solution for music journalism be that simple?

Anyone who speaks to Melanie Gollin will notice her enthusiasm for media and music. She has been a music journalist for many years, including working at Radio Flux FM and writing for Musikexpress, Applause Magazine and Flow Magazine.

The central issues for them are fair remuneration for music journalism, the associated improvement in quality and the search for new forms of music journalism.

In the Redfield Podcast, for example, she criticizes the often self-imposed fast pace of music media, in which songs are considered too old just a few weeks after publication. She already offers a solution herself. In 2019 she started a DIY zine with a new editorial, sales and compensation model, and in 2021 the music magazine for the mailbox was added.

Together with Alexander Schröder, Gollin, who is also employed by the Norwegian alternative pop label Made Records, explains in an interview why “Between Two and Four” only appears via email, how the format is growing and the mechanisms behind it.

It reveals some figures, particularly about the voluntary payment model, but also about an above-average opening rate of up to 68 percent. She makes it clear how important the personalization of the writers is (after Jochen Overbeck, she is now supported by Alena Struzh and Rosalie Ernst).


(Photo: Claudia Gödke)