R#127 with Jan Pfirrmann, CEO Headphone Revolution (DE)

Jan Pfirrmann

He is a specialist for events with headphones. Jan Pfirrmann got his start in the events industry early on near Stuttgart. Gastro, DJ, event technology and training as an event manager were the stages when Pfirrmann became aware of the HEADPHONE EVENTS and tried out the concept.

He and his team can now rent out tens of thousands of wireless headphones and associated systems. Everything is possible, from classic headphone parties / silent discos to fitness events, concerts and guided tours to events in very special, often volume-sensitive locations. Even open air events with up to 30,000 participants have already been held.

In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, Jan Pfirrmann explains his path and how he built his company little by little. He makes it clear what the challenges are with complex events, how he has learned to deal with them and how difficult it is to convince people of the idea in the first place.

They also talk about the production and development of their own headphones and technology, the current supply chains and what visions Pfirrmann is still pursuing with the concept.