R#126 with Manuel Carvalho, booker & deputy managing director at CONTRA

About live podcasts and many years of booking.

In 2008 Manuel Carvalho started as a booker at CONTRA Promotion. The Bochum company has existed since 1993 and books artists such as Sunrise Avenue, Epica and Nightwish.
He is now deputy managing director. With CONTRA Word there is also a department that brings podcasts to the stage and also markets podcasts.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Carvalho talks about his journey into the industry as a musician and music fan and you can understand how he has maintained this enthusiasm. For him, numbers are an important argument, but he still believes the opportunities for newcomers are no worse than before. He always makes surprising discoveries, and not just of a musical nature.

So he dedicated himself to live booking of podcast format early on and now sends Dunja Hayali, Micky Beisenherz (“Apocalypse & Filterkaffee”, “Football MML”) and Steven Gätjen on tour, among others. At the same time, he got into the podcast with his own agency -Marketing. Both are an economic hit.

In the new Redfield Podcast, Carvalho reports on how he evaluates the growth opportunities in the live sector, how a podcast becomes a real event and what show elements it should include.