R#124 with Philip Neues, Managing Director Franz Mehlhose

Philip New

From renovation to award-winning club. As strange as the name “Franz Mehlhose” sounds, this gentleman really existed. Around 1911 he opened a vending machine restaurant with an entertainment program in Erfurt. Almost 100 years later, the house is in need of renovation. In the meantime used as a factory and left vacant for a long time, Ralf Neues bought it at a foreclosure auction.

Together with his son Philip, the two of them are gradually making their way into the catering and event industry without any previous experience. In the Redfield Podcast, Philip Neues reports how he threw himself into booking in his early 20s and how he managed to sharpen the profile of “Franz Mehlhose”, build up a regular audience and act as a curator.

This is recognized: In the years 2014 to 2017 and 2021, the program will be awarded the “ APPLAUS Award ” by the federal government and the Music Initiative .

In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, it becomes clear how much passion goes into new things. He explains why they avoid big drinks brands and prefer to trust local producers. It also becomes clear what challenges organizers have to deal with with small locations, when concerts are no longer worthwhile and which marketing channels still work really well for “Franz Mehlhose”.