R#123 with Elena Schirm, Holistic Artist Development

Elena Schirm About HalliGalli and Mental Health. Even as a child, Elena Schirm was enthusiastic about music, television and, above all, looking behind the scenes. And so she was drawn to the media world at an early age.

She looked after artists for Circus HalliGalli with Joko & Klaas, moved to TV promotion at Universal Music, and then worked for a long time on The Voice of Germany and The Voice Kids as a link between the music and TV industries.

From a young age, Schirm worked in popular TV formats and looked after established and aspiring stars. A demanding job, at the age of 27 she has to admit that her life is out of balance and she consciously takes action to counteract it.

She is now self-employed, supports artists in their development and always keeps an eye on the “inner sound check,” as she emphasizes. Mental health and a holistic approach are important to her, as she explains in the Redfield Podcast when she talks about her experiences and insights.

www.elena Schirm.de