R#122 with Ben Mitha, CEO of Karsten Jahnke Konzertdirektion

Ben Mitha

His grandfather is one of the pioneers in the German live business and the Karsten Jahnke Concert Directorate is one of the largest independent German concert promoters.

Ben Mitha is now managing director of this company, which Karsten Jahnke founded in Hamburg 60 years ago. In the Redfield Podcast he talks about which stars sat on his grandparents' sofa and how, as a child, he played at the Stadtpark Open Airs in Hamburg while his mother sat at the box office. Since 1975, Karsten Jahnke has been organizing concerts of the biggest stars here with his family business. For Mitha, it's almost like the summer living room.

These experiences shaped him and he was further attracted to entrepreneurship. During his studies, he founded his own full-service event service provider, Digga Events, and repeatedly helped out with Karsten Jahnke.

In his mid-20s he started as a booker at the Karsten Jahnke Concert Directorate and took over the management a few years later. Even though his grandfather attested to him having the “necessary toughness and economic expertise,” he first had to find himself in his new position and assert himself internally and externally.

In the Redfield Podcast, Ben Mitha reports on the company's current situation and explains which strategy can be used to conquer niches and continue to successfully master the future.