R#121 with Sven Bensmann, comedian and singer from Hi! Spencer

Sven Bensmann

His path took him to major festival stages, on television and Sven Bensmann even came to Melle to visit the Redfield Podcast. He didn't have to go far because, like host Alexander Schröder, he comes from the Osnabrück district.

He grew up in the southwest of Lower Saxony between youth camps, rapeseed fields and shooting festivals. As a Horst Schlämmer impersonator, he successfully entered the region's stages early on. He later developed his own programs and started out as a comedian. He appears regularly on the cult comedy show Nightwash, is a sidekick on the WDR show “Bielendorfer!” and frequently tours across the country.

He has been doing this just as successfully for ten years as the singer of the German-speaking indie rock band Hi! Spencer. With two albums and an EP, the band's melancholic, poppy sound is an important counterweight to comedy for Sven Bensmann.

The Redfield Podcast features a conversation that highlights the differences between the comedy and music industries and entertainingly traces Bensmann's career to date. Streaming, merchandise, production, social media strategies and his own children's book are discussed.