R#120 with Kate Kaputto, presenter, DJ & market gardener

Kate Kaputto

An exciting life story with insights into the media world and entertaining anecdotes about masterful snuff clubs, moderating grandmas and indiscreet television shows.

Even as a child it was her dream to be on stage. And so Kate Kaputto not only sang in bands, but also found her way onto the radio, where people were happy to give her the microphone early on. From the morning to the late night show, she confidently hosted everything, as she laughingly tells the Redfield Podcast.

But the years of work are making themselves felt, the cheerful Kate Kaputto needs a break, moves from Nuremberg to Berlin in order to continue presenting and producing on the radio and even briefly on TV.

She attracts attention with her stage name, she is also in demand as a DJ and not only rocks big festivals, but also full stadiums as a warm-up act for AC/DC.

All the while, their already existing awareness of climate and nature conservation continues to develop. Kate ultimately moves back to her home in southern Germany and opens a market garden in 2022. Healthy vegetables are carefully grown on a small area and sold in the market stall in the field. She also produced the show “5 to 12” for Flux FM, which was all about the environment, sustainability and politics.