R#115 Update with Fabian Schütze, Low Budget High Spirit & Golden Ticket

Fabian Schuetze

Viral posts, YouTube niches and the growing revenues of the music industry.

Back from vacation, regular guest Fabian Schütze has his new Low Budget High Spirit magazine with him and reports in the Redfield Podcast about the personal passion and effort associated with this project.

He also gives insights into how his curated soul and funk platform Golden Rules developed and what results his “5 Minutes of Internet Fame” resulted from viral posts.

In conversation with Alexander Schröder, both discuss current topics from the music industry: YouTube revenues and crazy reach, crumbling Spotify dominance and whether there are still niches that can be filled with organic reach.

There is a brief overview of the current figures in the German music market, the current marketing opportunities, the increasing capacity of vinyl pressing plants and sales records at major music companies, as well as an outlook on the live business in the next few months.