R#112 with Sascha Winkler & Constantin Hochwald, founders of Brain'n'Dead

Sascha Winkler and Constantin Hochwald

Sascha Winkler and Constantin Hochwald founded the Brain'n'Dead advertising agency in 2021. The self-confessed metal fans have been best friends since school days, tried out for a band, held concerts and then delved professionally into the advertising industry until after several years they decided to form a band together.

While it currently seems as if hip-hop is leading the way when it comes to brand collaborations, they say that the potential, especially in the metal genre, is not yet being fully exploited and is being exploited incorrectly.

In the Redfield Podcast, the two creatives discuss the obvious prejudices with host Alexander Schröder. Does Metal have too short a range? Is commercialization not desirable in the genre? Is metal in advertising often presented in too many simple clichés with french fries and hard riffs, without embodying the true values?

In the course of the conversation, some examples are also analyzed: DB Cargo AG sent the "Rock'n'Roll Train" to Rock am Ring and featured it with a death metal band from Berlin. The Barmer health insurance company does the "Heavy Metal listening test" on the Reload Festival. What collaborations does the world-famous metal festival Wacken have and can Fisherman's Friend present the strongest festival summer of all time? And of course Schröder's favorite topic is not neglected: hardware stores at festivals!


(Photo: David Ulrich)