R#111 with Friederike Meyer, managing director of Buback Tonträger

Friederike Meyer

An episode about 35 years of indie labels, Hamburg hip-hop legends, the death of the CD and why no one has ever been signed to Buback with a demo application.

In 1997, Ale Dumbsky and Ted Gaier from the band The Golden Lemons founded the Buback label. Punk, reggae and jazz releases followed and in 1995 Thorsten Seif set up the company's concert department.

Friederike Meyer joined later and took over the management together with Seif in 2005, which was recently expanded to include Vanessa Cutraro.

Redfield Podcast host Alexander Schröder visits Buback in Hamburg and talks to Friederike Meyer about the indie company that was enormously involved in the Hamburg hip-hop upswing and booked tours for Jan Delay, Deichkind, Samy Deluxe, Dendemann and the Beginners and some of them still books, for which he received an LEA Award for “Artist Agent of the Year” in 2008.

They talk about the company's branches, which have since been expanded to include publishing or management (including Tocotronic). Meyer explains the company's philosophy and evaluates the revenue streams of the departments.

It also becomes clear how important a careful selection of artists is to her as the label manager. They also discuss branding, the need for physical distribution and the need to continually rebuild motivational acts.