R#110 with Andreas Weitkämper, founder of People Want To Dance & code you love

Andreas Weitkämper

Over 450 gold and platinum awards, more than 25 years in the music business, including 16 years at Warner Music - most recently as Managing Director Domestic. He signed and worked with acts such as The Rasmus, Jennifer Rostock, Bausa and Robin Schulz, the most successful artist in the 50-year history of Warner Music in Germany.

Despite management roles at the major label, Andreas Weitkämper learned to code in his free time, programmed Alexa Skills, among other things, and left the company at the beginning of 2022 to found a future-oriented dance label.

In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, Weitkämper reports on his career, which began early on at Amp and Rough Trade. His enthusiasm and deep understanding of music become clear in the conversation. He also explains why technology is so important for him and his new business.

With People Want To Dance he brings his passions together and describes the approaches for his start-up. You can also find out his opinion on future topics such as voice control, NFTs, Metaverse and modern corporate management. At the same time, he always makes it clear that no technology can replace successful A&Rs or hit songwriters.