R#105 Update with Stephan Thanscheidt, CEO FKP Scorpio

Stephan Thanscheidt

Green light for the festival summer! After Stephan Thanscheidt was last a guest on the Redfield Podcast almost exactly a year ago, there is now an update. The CEO of FKP Scorpio reports on current developments, as well as the founding of new divisions and the concert highlights of the year.

He confirms the planned holding of all FKP Scorpio festivals, largely with tickets that were purchased three years ago, and makes it clear what profits he expects in 2022 and what prospects are expected in the following year.

The current challenges for the live industry lie primarily in personnel, the dramatically increased material and production costs, but also in the acquisition of sponsors and cooperations. In the new Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, he tells how his company is dealing with this, what “no show rates” (people with tickets who don’t show up) and other obstacles are currently occurring.


(Photo: Tobias Sutter)