R#102 Update with Fabian Schütze, Low Budget High Spirit & Golden Ticket

Fabian Schütze

A contemporary label launch, rising but not always encouraging figures from the music industry, Spotify reach and the prospects for the next few months. Regular guest Fab Schütze is back on the Redfield Podcast. There is an analysis of the current live situation and an outlook for the rest of the year.

Right at the beginning you also find out something about his new label. With Golden Rules, Schütze and Johannes Riedel want to bring soul and funk back to life, provide a platform for this sound and offer a cross-section of the current international scene.

The soul lover explains what it means to found a label these days, how analogue and digital sales channels intertwine and how the brand should support the artists.

Together with host Alexander Schröder, the founder of Golden Ticket from Leipzig takes a look at the new figures from the German music industry, which don't make him as hopeful as one might think. For him, the listed music companies in particular are leaving less and less market share for the indies. In this context, there is also an analysis of Spotify and the new cooperation with FC Barcelona and TikTok as a digital distribution option.