R#101 with Miriam Gruber, CEO and co-founder of Sustain Merch

Miriam Gruber

She would like to see classic merchandise replaced, especially for reasons of sustainability. As co-founder of Sustain Merch, Miriam Gruber is working on sustainable concepts that she would like to establish in the merchandising and event industry.

In the Redfield Podcast with Alexander Schröder, she explains what opportunities she sees in this and what, for example, a project with second-hand merchandise might look like. Sustain has already successfully carried out this together with the band Milky Chance. The idea: On tour, fans brought their own textiles that were printed directly in the club.

In an interview, she explains what this looks like in practice and what challenges lie in such actions; especially in e-commerce. She explains why Sustain does not use textiles containing plastic and reports on other exciting backgrounds in the production of merchandise items, upcycling projects and other individual, ecological improvement options.