#78 with Anton Teichmann, founder of Mansions and Millions

Anton Teichmann

Award-winning indie label from the avant-garde pop stronghold of Neukölln.

Thanks to his friendship with members of the Berlin indie collective Sinnbus Records, Anton Teichmann almost inevitably slipped into the music industry. After working at Morr Music and as SXSW project manager for the Music Initiative, he set up his own label and PR agency, Mansions and Millions, in 2014.

Based in colorful Neukölln, Teichmann moves in a place and in a music scene that the Tagesspiegel described as “the new epicenter of pop”. From here, in addition to his label, he also organized the Off-Kultur Festival and the Cassette Store Day in Germany.

In the “Best Label” category, Mansions and Millions finally won the VIA Award from the Association of Independent Music Entrepreneurs (VUT) in 2020. In the same year, Anton Teichmann also founded A-Okay Management with Amande Dagod.

In the Redfield Podcast, the indie expert talks to Alexander Schröder about his musical homeland, the prospects for indie music and what significance Neukölln really has for it. They talk about distribution channels and what effects the pandemic is having on Mansions and Millions.


(Photo: Aida Baghernejad)