R#104 with Tobias Wilinski, music journalist & podcaster

Tobias Wilinski

Music journalism, hip-hop and years of podcast experience. Tobias Wilinski is well versed in the music and especially hip-hop business. He has been producing ThemaTakt since 2017 and the Talk This Way podcast together with Patrick Thiede from ChapterOne since 2021.

Before this happened, the Ahlen native was responsible for the German business for the lyric platform Genius as a community manager, annotated song lyrics, curated content and conducted the first interviews with artists.

In the Redfield Podcast, Wilinski discusses the current music media landscape with host Alexander Schröder. They compare the very active hip-hop media community with other genres and consider why some hip-hop journalists have already achieved a high level of popularity and exploited them commercially.

Why do long video interviews work particularly well here, what content is conveyed and why are collaborations with well-known brands supposedly easier? Wilinski and Schröder investigate these questions and also consider what challenges lurk in podcasting.