WATCH OUT STAMPEDE Sign to Redfield Records

Signing picture from left to right: David Werner, Denni s Landt, Stefan Poggensee, Andreas Hildebrand t (all Watch Out Stampede), Christian Biehl, Alexander Schröder (both Redfield Records), Tolga Özer (Watch Out Stampede)
With a wholehearted “MOIN” (North-German for Hello and uncountable other things) WATCH OUT STAMPEDE and Redfield Records announce their cooperation! The band from Bremen, Germany and the Lower Saxony-based label will from now on conspiratorially work as the Northern Connection and they have a lot on their agenda, like guitarist and second singer Dennis Landt confirms: “We will relaunch WATCH OUT STAMPEDE completely in 2019 – especially with a lot of new output that maybe we wouldn't have produced like that in the past. We will put our sound and our live performance to a whole new level and raise the bar once more after our past three albums. Next to the work on our new album we're also preparing for some very special festival shows this year. We have a lot to do and feel even more anticipation of the outcome.” Naming especially two festival shows this year, there will be the Vainstream Rockfest and Deichbrand Festival.

WATCH OUT STAMPEDE festival summer 2019:
04.05. DE- Nordenham, Jahnhalle
07.06. DE-Holtebüttel, H-Rockt Festival
June 29th DE- Münster, Vainstream Rockfest
12.07. DE- Bersenbrück, Talge Open Air
18.-21.07. DE- Nordholz, Deichbrand Festival
10.08. DE- Großefehn, Großefehn Open Air
08/31 DE-Neuruppin, Unity Festival

For the realization of these ambitious goals and the vertical take-off of WATCH OUT STAMPEDE 2.0, in the eyes of the band there could be no better partner to team up with. “Redfield Records have been on our list since day one as THE label for what we are doing. Looking at the list of bands that have been released by them, we would've never thought that we would get a chance. We need a partner who believes in us and we are certain that with Redfield Records we have found this partner! At the same time, getting this chance is a motivation and an incentive for us, to have a whole new start after eight years of history and dash forward with full energy – WATCH OUT STAMPEDE in the literal sense,” Dennis is gushing over the cooperation. Label owner Alexander Schröder as well cannot stress his joy about the signing enough: “Of course, we've been knowing WATCH OUT STAMPEDE for many years and followed their career. Although we sometimes have problems to understand the strong North-German accent, which also caused some problems during contract negotiations, we are sure that we have signed the most important upcoming metalcore band in Germany.”

The northern heritage is not only expressed by the language but also by the even temper of the band, which makes WATCH OUT STAMPEDE a very likeable and down-to-earth affaire. A very approachable band all the way but watch out: “We are a band you can touch but we will touch back as well. Havana Cola with lime. Gentlemen's place setting (beer and a shot) with Matjesbrötchen (bread roll with fish). Shows with a lot of sweat. We think, we speak standard German. But we sing in English to be on the safe side,” Dennis explains the essence of WATCH OUT STAMPEDE and frontman Andreas “Ando” Hildebrandt adds: “Our motto is: all musts, no cans! You heard right! We have always followed our instincts. When we had a goal, we realized it with the help of all available resources. The band is not a project, it's an inherent part of our lives. Our overall philosophy is to approach every challenge with humor. We didn’t choose a profession where you can drink beer for nothing.”
After the albums 'Reacher' (2014), 'Tides' (2015), 'SVTVNIC' (2017) and the collection 'Watch Out Stampede' (2018), all released on Noizgate Records, as well as shows with ESKIMO CALLBOY, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, THE BROWNING, EMIL BULLS or festival shows at Wacken, Deichbrand, Open Flair or the multiple played Reload, at the end of this year, there will not just be another sold out end-of-the-year show, you will also be able to hold a brand new album in your hands. Ando reveals the plan: “Loud guitar music paired-up with singing and screaming! Our roots will always stay with punk and post-hardcore, rough and not as polished as you know it from our peers. People should be able to hear that we make music with our own hands!” Raw, warm-hearted and always in for some fun – if you haven't WATCH OUT STAMPEDE on your radar, you might easily be overrun by them.

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