Watch Out Stampede - Northern Lights - CD
Watch Out Stampede - Northern Lights - CD

Watch Out Stampede - Northern Lights - CD


Pre-order item. To be released December 13th, 2019.

Special Pre-order version includes a WATCH OUT STAMPEDE 'Wolfpack bundle' with poster, stickers and signed postcard.

Not only the geography and the climate of the North are challenging, also the people who are living there may not have a reputation for being cheerful and extroverted. But if you take a closer look, the landscape as well as the residents, under their rough and unpolished outward appearance, are nothing but loveable, authentic and shaped by a certain sense of humour.

WATCH OUT STAMPEDE from Bremen, Germany wouldn’t make an attempt to unify these opposites either, they make them their trademark instead. Unleashed energy and blusterous screams collide with compositional strength and perfected melodies.

The musical performance is to be taken seriously at any time, which you can try with the band as well, but you might fail. WATCH OUT STAMPEDE throw their trend-resistant, infectious metalcore right in your face, just to hand you a Beck’s beer right after and tell you a dirty joke that they laugh about themselves a bit too loud – just original Northern Lights.


Track List:
1. Midas
2. Wolfpack
3. I Am Here
4. Pledge
5. Leave
6. Follower
7. Ultra Magnus
8. Unfaithful
9. Unheard
10. Summiteer
11. Farewell

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20.12.2019 DE- Bremen, Tower
(Releaseshow with VITJA)

21.12.2019 DE- Bremen, Tower
(Releaseshow with Breathe Atlantis)

Watch Out Stampede