TYNA veröffentlichen Debütalbum PNK

TYNA 2024
Mit geballter Power laden TYNA mit ihrem Debütalbum PNK (VÖ: 22.03.2024) ein, gemeinsam zu feiern und zu kämpfen für dich und für andere.

Anchors & Hearts Release Album 'Deathlist'

Anchors & Hearts 2024
ANCHORS & HEARTS have release their fifth studio album on March 1, 2024, worldwide via Redfield Records.

The Perfect XMAS Song

Bony Macaroni 2023
Dutch emo-punks of BONY MACARONI are brimming with creativity.

TYNA neu bei Redfield Rec.

TYNA x Redfield Records
Kurz nach der Veröffentlichung ihrer neuen Single „FCK FRNTX (paradies europa)“ verkündet die Band TYNA aus Hamburg das Signing bei Redfield Records.

Redfield Rec. Teamed Up With Alcopop! Records

Redfield Rec. Teamed Up With Alcopop! Records
Dutch indie-rockers Snow Coats are joining forces with emo/pop-punkers Bony Macaroni and celebrating their friendship via the medium of a split EP set for release on September 27th, 2023 via Alcopop! Records and Redfield Records.

OF COLORS Release Final Full-Length 'Unless You Fight"

Of Colours - Unless You Fight
Progressive metalcore outfit OF COLORS release their final album "Unless You Fight". We are happy to show you these 11 heavy tracks but sad to announce that the band calls it quits.



UP THE CUPS! The Redfield camp has been busy in the past few days packed and shipped, because today “Maniac”, MARATHONMANN’s new, fifth studio work, is finally being released. No more words, just listen NOW!

MARATHONMANN present two new “Maniac” songs

MARATHONMANN präsentieren zwei neue „Maniac“-Songs
After MARATHONMANN finished their German tour a few days ago, which was sold out in many places, they are now releasing two new songs from their album “Maniac”, which will be released in May.

BONY MACARONI Release Their Pop Loving Indie Punk Debut

BONY MACARONI Release Their Pop Loving Indie Punk Debut

Team Redfield is stoked to announce that 'The Big Bucks', the roaring debut album by BONY MACARONI , is finally out there for you to enjoy! The record is available on limited vinyl as well as CD. You can still grab it along with some exclusive products.

MARATHONMANN start tour with new album teaser “1985”

MARATHONMANN starten Tour mit neuem Album-Teaser „1985“

The new MARATHONMANN single “1985”, from their 5th album, which will be released in May, will be released just in time for the band’s headline tour in March. The album “Maniac” is currently available pre-ordered become. The MANIAC MANIA bundle is available exclusively in the Redfield shop until March 5th, which includes the album and merch as well as an 8-track tape with a bonus track as well as a surprise 7" and a hand-signed print.

MARATHONMANN start advance sales for the new album “Maniac”

MARATHONMANN starten Vorverkauf zum neuen Album „Maniac“
The new MARATHONMANN album will be released on May 9th and “Maniac” can now be pre-ordered in the Redfield shop. In addition to three limited vinyl colors and the album on CD, the band also has fresh merch available and, last but not least, put together a very special bundle that contains definite fan must-haves.

With “Diamant” MARATHONMANN announce their new album “Maniac”.

Mit „Diamant“ kündigen MARATHONMANN ihr neues Album „Maniac“ an
MARATHONMANN's fifth studio work will be released on May 19th. With “Diamant” you can now hear the second taste of the new album. Pre-sales start on February 2nd here in the Redfield shop.