MARATHONMANN release their new album “The fear sits next to you”

MARATHONMANN veröffentlichen ihr neues Album „Die Angst sitzt neben dir“

HAPPY RELEASEDAY, MARATHON MAN - “Fear Sits Next to You” is now available everywhere! Of course, the band in particular is really excited about the release of their new album, excited and excited to see how the new work will be received.

MARATHONMANN release “Flashback”

MARATHONMANN veröffentlichen „Flashback“
A week before the release of their fourth album, MARATHONMANN are launching with the final taster “ Flashback ”. The fourth release from “Die Angst sits next to you” delivers emotional alternative rock with a punk touch and shows the band once again at their very best.

MARATHONMAN release “Never Enough”

MARATHONMANN veröffentlichen „Nie Genug“
With “Nie Enug”, MARATHONMANN release the second single from their new album “Die Angst sits next to you ”, which will be released on July 19th on Redfield Records. The second foretaste “Nie Enug” leaves no doubt that the band from Munich’s fourth album will be their most exciting and diverse to date.

MARATHON MAN “Fear sits next to you” will be published in July

Marathonmann Schachmatt Die Angst sitzt neben dir
MARATHONMANN with new single, album pre-sales & release tour in the starting blocks

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