MARATHONMANN release “Flashback”

A week before the release of their fourth album, MARATHONMANN are launching with the final taster “ Flashback ”. The fourth release from “Die Angst sits next to you” delivers emotional alternative rock with a punk touch and once again shows the band at their very best. “Flashback” can undoubtedly be described as one of the strongest MARATHONMANN songs ever.

The album “Fear Sits Next to You” deals with the fact that everyone has to struggle with fears from the beginning of life: “Although they change over time, they are always by our side. Most of the time we repress them, but they are always there and accompany us until our death," as singer and bassist Michi Lettner describes. Even behind “Flashback”, despite its catchiness, there is a further thought on the theme of the album. "'Flashback' is about the fear that a person will change and you won't recognize them again," explains Lettner. "The fear that you will cause pain to the people you love."

Fear sits next to you will be released on July 19th - pre-order now!

The exclusive ticket bundles are sold out and the limited red vinyl is only available in advance at a few retailers - so grab it now!

The "Glow in the dark" vinyl is available exclusively from Coretex , a few copies of the red vinyl are still available here: _
Flight 13
Green Hell

The standard versions, CD and LP, are available from these retailers, among others: