Kursaal to release short film 'Catching Glimpse' by Mirko Witzki

Kursaal, a division of Redfield Records, is proud to announce its first film release! 'Catching Glimpse', the debut work by famously known video artist Mirko Witzki, is a short film that is capturing all the talents of the young filmmaker and adds a whole new dimension to this category of visual art by transferring some striking elements of music videos to a film. Enjoy the official trailer:

Catching Glimpse // Trailer from mirko witzki graphics. on Vimeo .

'Catching Glimpse' tells the story of Lian and Avaleen. Lian believes he has lost everything in life. By the death of his father, he has fallen into his own limbo and seems to be walking without emotion. Even his three best friends cannot change this condition, as out of nowhere, the young and bright Avaleen appears in his life at a coffeehouse. She first manages to win him a smile and help him regain his original happiness. The two fall in love and experience the best time of their lives, his friends even organize a party in honor of his "rebirth". But Avaleen is behaving strangely more and more.

In the past years Mirko Witzki and Redfield Records had a close relationship, while he shot a number of music videos for Redfield Artists like ANY GIVEN DAY, BREATHE ATLANTIS, THE PARIAH, NEBERU and many more. In July 2016 Redfield also released Witzki's documentary about ANY GIVEN DAY 'My Longest Way Home - Rise To Success'.

The premiere of 'Catching Glimpse' was celebrated in early April in the heart of the Ruhr Area in Gelsenkirchen. It will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray and digitally later this year. But before that, there the film will appear in the selection of numerous film festivals. The most important and notable festivals on this date are:

  • Finalist at Allround Film Festival in Amsterdam, NL
  • I n the selection out of 1200 submissions at Festival of Nations in Lenzing, AT