Textures - Phenotype (2016)
Textures - Phenotype (2016)
Textures - Phenotype (2016)
Textures - Phenotype (2016)

Textures - Phenotype (2016)

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Available in green Vinyl (second press)!

The Dutch sextet is not a band to put out an album every year in a row: The band took almost 2,5 years to write and record albums no. 5 and 6. Music is no fast food! Details are crafted and re-crafted. Extra layers are created and stretched to form the ultimate tension span for years to last. „Phenotype“ - first album to be released - is a song-based, 60-minute long album. Textures presents an eclectic overview of what modern metal offers. Catchy, innovative and progressive songs are what Textures stands for. Welcome new virtuosos Uri Dijk (synth) and Joe Tal (guitar) who deliver a new, harmonic vibe to the mature Textures sound.

Track List:
1. Oceans Collide
2. New Horizons
3. Shaping A Single Grain Of Sand
4. Illuminate The Trail
5. Meander
6. Erosion
7. The Fourth Prime
8. Zman
9. Timeless