Nations Afire - Violence EP - CD (2018)
Nations Afire - Violence EP - CD (2018)
Nations Afire - Violence EP - CD (2018)
Nations Afire - Violence EP - CD (2018)
Nations Afire - Violence EP - CD (2018)

Nations Afire - Violence EP - CD (2018)

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Heavy melodic rock outfit NATIONS AFIRE is back with the brand new ‘Violence EP’. The quartet that’s hailing from the US West Coast is finally delivering the follow-up to the debut album ‘The Ghosts We Will Become’ (Redfield Records) from 2012 and another proof of the band’s ability to deliver fist-raising punk rock hymns and the members’ yearlong experience in the international scene.

NATIONS AFIRE are Nik Hill (ex-IGNITE) on vocals and guitar, Chris Chasse on guitar (ex-RISE AGAINST, GREAT COLLAPSE), Brett Rasmussen on bass (IGNITE) and Todd Hennig (ex-DEATH BY STEREO, GREAT COLLAPSE) on drums. The band started off simply as a group of long-time friends with the idea to write music together and to get back on the road at some point. All previous bands of NATIONS AFIRE’s members had spent time touring together and during the 90’s and into the 2000’s.

The new EP doesn’t just have a strong title, with his lyrics singer Nik Hill is digging deep into his thoughts about what violence does to young people who stand defenceless in front of the ones who are meant to protect them. Especially the title track evolves around this topic: “A child standing in the way of the physical and emotional violence against his family by the man who he was supposed to shape his life in line of. A very dry and matter of fact choice to place yourself in harms way for those who cannot withstand it, to be the pin cushion for all the negative things that one human can do to another simply because you can. It took my breath away and excited my sense of poetic justice. If our music is art, let it be brutal and meaningful to one person if no one else. Violence is a powerful word. It’s a message with many meanings. A story told through characters that inspired sounds and words. It’s a big way of making small stories universal.”

1. I'm A Brick In The Ocean
2. Violence
3. Another Reverie
4. Left Behind
5. Dead To Rights
6. Sifting Through Ash