R#149 with Anna-Lena Öhmann, cultural manager

Anna Lena Öhmann

About committed volunteer work and rich cultural support.

Anna-Lena Öhmann took part in musicals and festivals during and after her school days. A time that shaped her, as she explains in the Redfield Podcast. Culture is not possible without volunteering, but there must still be a variety of financial support, emphasizes the Rhinelander.

As part of her musicology and cultural management studies, she moves to Weimar. At the beginning of the pandemic, she finally took up her new position as cultural manager of the Erfurt Federal Garden Show. More than 1.5 million visitors experience a diverse cultural program over 171 days; while the organization team has to learn how to deal with new rules and measures.

At the end of 2022 she will be a specialist in music for the city of Weimar; a small East German town with an enormous cultural history that extends to the present day. Öhmann makes it clear how important a functioning network is to her in the tasks and goals of this job and how she sees herself as an “enabler” who tries to make culture visible and tangible in a variety of ways.

In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, she also sheds light on her voluntary work for the music initiative diePOP for Thuringia, as well as the Music Women Thuringia network, which recently published the #musicmetoo Germany platform with other participants to actively campaign against attacks and abuse of power in the German music industry.


(Photo: Candy Welz)