Trap Metal Takes Over

With great delight REDFIELD RECORDS is announcing the signinig of PHIILOSOPHER! After the label has recently revealed a series of new artists, next to an extensive relaunch, they saved the probably most surprising signing for now. While in the past it was at least possible to file all Redfield artists under “guitar music”, PHIILOSOPHER is almost completely acting outside the rock context BUT not without taking the fans of all the “traditional” Redfield genres with him.

“Trapmetal takes over!”, PHIILOSOPHER is declaring. “That's what I do: The combination of clear trap beats and rough organic shouts.” PHIILOSOPHER isn't here to exercise modesty – and there is no reason for it: “I came out of the darkness and I will disappear into it again. No ridiculous promotion, no wearing announcements, no promises – PHIILOSOPHER out of nowhere!”

PHIILOSOPHER is an artificial character but one with a soul. He is wearing a mask but not to hide himself, he likes to offer a projection screen – to inspire. Everyone who's brave enough to make use of his own creativity is supposed to be inspired by PHIILOSOPHER, like he's having the courage to create something new. “PHIILOSOPHER is the logical consequence. I combine hip hop and trap with metal and post-hardcore. In recent years both genres have shown tendencies to move towards one another with huge steps. For example, the metal and post-hardcore scene is opening up for other musical directions, so that hardcore kids are also listening to artists like LIL PUMP, MIGOS or 21 SAVAGE. On the other hand, many US rappers are successfully experimenting with metal and post-hardcore elements like XXXTENTACION for example. I unite both genres by adopting the major parts from trap music but taking the vocals from post-hardcore: trap beats with metal shouts – the genre 'Trapmetal' is born. It’s the decomposition of genre boundaries.”

PHIILOSOPHER doesn't bear his name for nothing and so he holds ready another definition as well: “Philosophically spoken: I deterritorialize the two musical intensity zones hip hop/trap and metal/post-hardcore and reterritorialize them on the Trapmetal plateau. The alignments that emerge out of this (flow and vibe, organic and rough) refer on one hand to the different territorializations they align from but on the other hand they end up in a coexistence on a new plateau, without giving up their contrary characteristics but to expand into one another, an apparatus evolution. My favorite philosopher Gille Deleuze would call it 'becoming'.”

Signing picture from left to right:
Philosopher, Christian Biehl (Redfield Records)

For Redfield A&R Manager Christian Biehl PHIILOSOPHER is representing the idea of ​​the label in perfection: “Redfield Records has always been known for the fact that we are not running after new trends or fashions but we are already there to support and establish them right from the start, if we get the chance. This goes back to the very beginnings of the label, when the term 'emocore' was still way off the map in Germany, right to the signing of bands like ESKIMO CALLBOY and WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER who both had their breakthrough on Redfield Records . This philosophy – pun intended – we like to continue now with PHIILOSOPHER.”

After PHIILOSOPHER just released the 'YESNT' EP in March, the second output 'Young Rose' is already out in June on Redfield Records. But back to the beginning. The artist is portraying his early career: “Before I first appeared on the scene as PHIILOSOPHER, I was active in the post-hardcore scene for far more than a century. After my last German tour in 2017, I built my own home studio and began to produce the first tracks just for myself. From time to time I presented my ideas to friends or other bands and their positive feedback convinced me to take the step into the public. The first single 'Blvkk' was released on Halloween 2018 – and it went through the roof. On the Never Say Die tour by Impericon 'Blvkk' was played 21 days in ten countries and I got the first inquires for features after only two days.” While on the Impericon tour bands like FIT FOR A KING and POLAR outed themselves as fans, PHIILOSOPHER disappeared in the studio with Tobias Rische of ALAZKA to record the single 'Hood of Horror' that was already released in December 2018. Another single followed and finally the debut EP in March 2019.

With his music PHIILOSOPHER is entering an almost completely new territory. Even if you draw parallels to other artists here and there, he is still succeeding to leave his own mark in a genre that still needs to be officially named. This is the very moment when music gets exciting!

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