THE PARIAH Release New Single 'Silent Birds'

After the successful kick-off with their 2016 EP 'Divided by Choice' on Redfield Records, melodic hardcore specialists THE PARIAH are ready to take the European scene by storm with outstanding new material as well as with their energetic and intense live shows and raise the standards for their peers and followers. The first precursor 'Silent Birds' sets the uncompromising path but it also holds the right dose of catchiness. A video that might break with the viewing habits of parts of the audience, perfectly matches the image of a band that doesn't have to look for its scene for long but keeps on having the demand to be original.

If as headliner, on festivals or as opener for bands like NAPOLEON, HUNDREDTH, CAPSIZE, LANDSCAPES, SHAI HULUD, CANVAS and POLAR, it is safe to claim that THE PARIAH have never played a show, where they didn't attract some new fans . Their combination of drive, enthusiasm, the absolute belief in their art convinces everyone in the end and this will certainly also be the case on their upcoming shows with BEING AS AN OCEAN and COUNTERPARTS this summer.

“We've dug this hole all by ourselves
Deep enough to scratch the surface of hell”

Regarding the content THE PARIAH like to paint with dark colors. Once again 'Silent Birds' allows to draw conclusions on the rest of the new material, like frontman and singer Henning Begemann explains: “During the time when I was writing the lyrics for the new album, I was thinking a lot about our behavior towards others. Why do we act like everything's great while we know that this is a lie and everyone else is doing the exact same thing. But despite the facts, no one is ever starting to question all of this. The thought finally leads me to question the concept of truth in general, which is usually an irrevocable term. This hiding and twisting of the truth was a leitmotif for all the lyrics. 'Silent Birds' for example is about the inevitable and self-inflected downfall of humanity, while everyone thinks that we are at the absolute peak of our evolution.” Henning further explains: ”The title 'Silent Birds' is related to the birds that were once kept in the coal-mines to warn the miners about toxic gases. When the birds had stopped singing it was high time to leave the mine quickly. This picture of the dark mine where you realize the silence too late and this might probably mean the end for you, was, in my eyes, a very depressing picture but a very appropriate one as well.”

With their new material THE PARIAH are searching for nothing less than the truth. If they have found it, remains to be seen. That you can expect nothing but honesty and authenticity from them was and will never be doubted.