THE DISASTER AREA signs to Redfield Records

With their new single 'Reborn [Alpha]' (out May 11) and the accompanying video (out now) THE DISASTER AREA reveal themselves as the newest signing on Redfield Records . The young band from the south of Germany is creating fresh metalcore and melodic hardcore that stands out from the scene with creativity, authenticity and first of all emotionality. THE DISASTER AREA are not easily satisfied with the lyrics and contents of their peers or role models, the band has enough know-how, as well as the formative experience, to give their songs the necessary meaning and depth.

Some of the members of THE DISASTER AREA are making music together since school. They didn't just grow up together, they also grew together musically. “There is almost no memory of times when we hadn't been a band,” guitarist Franz Apfelbeck looks back. Since 2012 the band appears under the name THE DISASTER AREA and with a defined musical goal that was primarily outlined with the first album 'Sell Your Soul' (Deafground Records) in 2016. Singer and frontman Alexander Maidl describes the way from the debut to the new recordings: “For our first album we worked together with Simon Yildirim of TO THE RATS AND WOLVES and gave the recordings to the Karma Recordings studio for the mixing and mastering. For the new album we worked closely together with Christoph Wieczorek of ANNISOKAY who mixed and mastered the material in his Sawdust Recordings studio.” Guitarist Alexander Kisslinger adds: “When we did 'Sell Your Soul' we were still looking for the personal touch that we now have found with the new recordings. They were developed as a coherent project backed up by a real concept.”

With the video for the new single THE DISASTER AREA take inspiration from a narrative structure that is rather used in movies or TV series. 'Reborn [Alpha]' marks the second chapter while the first part is about to be released soon. Without giving away too much, drummer Christopher Zillinger explains the idea: “'Reborn [Alpha]' and another new song tell a continuous story. The one track symbolizes the end, death or one of the other strokes of fate that unfortunately are just parts of our lives. 'Reborn [Alpha]' on the other hand is the new start of everything, rebirth, recovery from a bad disease or something like that. Both songs were shaped by very personal experiences.” In this way, THE DISASTER AREA sum up their philosophy of the band as well, bassist Michael Greiner explains: “We try to make everything possible. In some of the most hopeless situations we have been successful in turning things around, even when we had to put our singer, who's seriously afraid of flying, on a plane to be able to play a show together or had to travel from every corner of the country.”