THE DISASTER AREA Scream Against the Pandemic

With their new single, THE DISASTER AREA remain refreshingly unpredictable and deliver the probably most rigorous material of their career.

In 'Blackout' the young band is letting out all the bottled-up frustrations of the past months after the Covid-19 pandemic just took away a year full of shows, festivals and tours in the twinkling of an eye. “After our past tours with ESKIMO CALLBOY and TO THE RATS AND WOLVES we got the feeling that the yearlong efforts were starting to pay off and our career was getting another push. But this impression faded with the lockdown and all its restraints,” frontman Alexander Maidl reports. “'Blackout' is about getting thrown back into a life you thought you had left behind long ago.”

'Blackout' was again brought to life in cooperation with BAD OMENS' Noah Sebastian and produced by Romesh Dodangoda (ia 'Amo' by BRING ME THE HORIZON) as well as Christoph Wieczorek of ANNISOKAY.

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