THE DISASTER AREA: New single before tours with ESKIMO CALLBOY & TO THE RATS AND WOLVES - Exclusive interview


“Glasshearts” is THE DISASTER AREA ’s first new single since the release of their album “ Alpha // Omega ” in November 2018, which has garnered well over 1 million streams and more than half a million video plays to date. The new track was produced by Romesh Dodangoda, who is also responsible for the last BRING ME THE HORIZON work “Amo”.

The new single is the starting signal for two big support tours for THE DISASTER AREA : The band will be seen in the supporting program for ESKIMO CALLBOY's European tour in December (WE BUTTER THE BREAD WITH BUTTER are also on the team) and In January they will accompany TO THE RATS AND WOLVES on their farewell tour across Germany. In between, the annual end-of-year show is on the agenda - this year for the first time in Munich and with VITJA and BREATHE ATLANTIS in the supporting program. (All upcoming dates below)

What defines THE DISASTER AREA , besides their music, is the closeness to their fans and the fact that they let each other participate in each other's lives. “Glasshearts” is a declaration of love from THE DISASTER AREA to their fans and presents the band in a new musical guise. The band's already well-known metalcore mixes more and more electronic elements and surprisingly mature alternative rock - "WE ARE THE GLASSHEARTS!"


Your album “Alpha // Omega” is only a year old, why is a completely new song released now?

Alex Maidl (vocals): “'Alpha//Omega' was only released in November 2018, but the song writing was finished long before that. I think that was back in 2017.”

Chris Zillinger (drums): “We now have new topics that concern us, new things to say and have also developed musically. What defines THE DISASTER AREA for us is the proximity to the fans and the fact that we let each other participate in our lives. That’s why it was high time for us to come back with new material and let our fans participate in this development.”

What remarkable things have happened at THE DISASTER AREA since the release of “Alpha // Omega”? What would you consider to be your greatest achievements?
Alex Kisslinger (guitar): “We can hardly put into words what happened with the release of 'Alpha // Omega'! I think what amazed us the most is that with the album we really have a stake in the lives of our fans and vice versa. It started with fan mail and countless messages and went all the way to fan tattoos.”

Markus Zabel (bass): “People really engage with us, listen to our music at home, find escape from everyday life and spend their evenings at our concerts - that's simply an indescribable feeling! There are so many bands and so many ways to be entertained, but the fact that people actually look forward all week to coming to one of our shows on the weekend still blows our minds.”

Franz Apfelbeck (guitar): “Of course, things like getting a million streams, playing tours in Germany and festivals with our favorite bands are incredible successes, but as five guys who have sought refuge in music for years, our fans can now do that His is the greatest thing.”

How did “Glasshearts” come about?
Alex Maidl: “The only thing we regret about our previous songs is that we often rushed ourselves. We really wanted to come out with new songs and sometimes we put more pressure on ourselves than was necessary. This is where 'Glasshearts' started. We knew we had just released an album and had a little more time NOW. I think it was in February 2019 when we were on tour with OUR MIRAGE. We wanted to use this time cushion and be free from any pressure on a song until it corresponds 100% to our ideas.”

Chris Zillinger: “We really took our time developing the whole thing. Sure, it doesn't always work like that in the normal music business. There are a thousand aspects that have to be taken into account when it comes to a release - sometimes something just has to be finished. But with 'Glasshearts' we had all the time in the world to really think it through and let out everything we wanted to say and do.

What is “Glasshearts” about?
Markus Zabel: “Our last singles have focused heavily on the themes of depression, doubt, the feeling of being alone and not belonging anywhere. Then seeing that so many people can identify with it and are in the same situation showed us that we are not alone after all. That's the paradox, you feel alone and find someone who, apart from the feeling of being alone, couldn't be more different. I think for many people this feeling is an incredibly strong connection point to each other and to the band.”

Alex Kisslinger: “Through the band we have met completely different people who identify with us precisely because of this point. To show them that we all belong together, we chose 'Glasshearts' as a group name for ourselves and our fans. The song and the lyrics are also about that: 'We are the Glasshearts!'”

How does “Glasshearts” differ from your previous work?
Franz Apfelbeck: “Especially because after 'Alpha // Omega' we knew more precisely who we were and where we wanted to go. The last album contributed a lot to self-discovery, so with 'Glasshearts' we were able to concentrate fully on the music. We got to know each other and our fans even better – now we know even better what makes us tick. In the end, we don't just make music for ourselves, but also for our fans. We want to give them something that gives them four minutes of time out and touches them. We didn't have this specific knowledge about our fans or ourselves when it came to 'Alpha // Omega', which is probably what sets 'Glasshearts' apart the most from the other songs."

Does “Glasshearts” hint at future releases?
Alex Maidl: “No. Of course the song marks the start of something new for us. I think that can also be clearly heard musically. It's not something completely different, but it takes the band to a new level. Nevertheless, you should never be too sure about what we are planning – there will be one or two musical surprises waiting for you!”

So can we talk about the new THE DISASTER AREA?
Alex Kisslinger: “We have matured as a band. I know everyone always says that. But we wrote 'Alpha // Omega' as a band that was just starting out and hadn't seen much yet. We played so many concerts, met people and, above all, worked on ourselves and THE DISASTER AREA like never before. That taught us a lot about ourselves personally and about the band. Nevertheless, of course we haven’t changed completely.”
Markus Zabel: “It's an issue with many bands that they suddenly are or want to be completely different - we don't want that! We have never pretended to represent anything and never will. So there will still be 100% THE DISASTER AREA in the future, but definitely with our personal developments.”

What can we expect from you in the coming period?
Chris Zillinger: “Everything except that we slow down a gear! We want to keep pushing, release new stuff, meet every single fan and get to know everyone even better!”

Alex Maidl: “New music, new stage show, new tours, new influences, new topics – but the same guys!”


07.12. DE- Ebersbach an der Fils, Rock in Weiler
12/27 DE- Munich, backstage

01.12. DE- Berlin, Metropol
03.12. CZ- Prague, Storm Clun
04.12. HU-Budapest, Dürer Kert
05.12. AU- Vienna, Simm City
07.12. DE- Cologne, palladium
08.12. DE- Hamburg, docks
13.12. BE-Hasselt, Muziekoroom
12/14 DE- Bremen, modern
17.12. FR-Paris, Gibus
18.12. CH-Zurich, Complex 457
12/19 DE- Munich, Tonhalle
12/20 DE- Nuremberg, Löwensaal
12/21 DE-Leipzig, Haus Auensee


TO THE RATS & WOLVES - Farewell Tour (w/ EMPTY HOME)
10.01. DE- Berlin, music & peace
11.01. DE-Frankfurt, Zoom
17.01. DE-Hamburg, logo
18.01. DE- Cologne, canteen