THE DISASTER AREA Don't Hide Their Pop Affinity with Justin Bieber Cover

There's always someone who's complaining. And because of that, THE DISASTER AREA maybe spent a little too much time thinking about negative comments and moody fans, while the band was practically non-stop on the road to success. “In the past we sometimes felt we trapped inside our genre boundaries we asked ourselves things like: Is this scene appropriate? Can we really do that? When the loud minority commented that we sound more and more like Justin Bieber, it didn't help as well,” THE DISASTER AREA frontman Alexander Maidl reports.

But with a grown self-confidence caused by a chart success and the continuous positive feedback from new fans on shows and festivals, THE DISASTER AREA started to rethink their ways to approach their music in the cause of 2022. And not having to listen to any more crap the band decided to set an example: “When we started working on new material and again collided with the mentioned genre boundaries, we said to ourselves: This time we're going to break them down! This time, we're really going to take a pop song and make it sound like THE DISASTER AREA. Like this, we're not only able to show that genre boundaries are no longer relevant for us and we just sound the way we like to sound, on top of that, we steal away the fun from the haters to plague us with stupid comments . Yes, now we really sound like Justin Bieber! You no longer have to throw your shit at us.” Make way for 'Ghost' – a Justin Bieber original. LISTEN TO THE TRACK