THE DISASTER AREA Announce 'Alpha // Omega' & Release New Single 'Deathwish'

After the singles 'Reborn [Alpha]' and '0800-111-0-111' , named after the number of the German crisis helpline, THE DISASTER AREA finally announce their new album, out November 23, 2018 on Redfield Records. 'Alpha // Omega' is filled to the rim with capturing songs as well as a huge and detail-loving production, but what is making the sophomore of the South-German band stand out, are the emotions, the authenticity and the absolute will , next to delivering strong compositions, to be approachable at any time and to reach out to the listener with the own story – and maybe show him a way back into the light.

“Behind the album and its title there are numerous personal experiences, for example illnesses or the loss of family members, these are representing the dark side of 'Alpha // Omega'. We were able to deal with many of these experiences by creating our songs and with them we want to help others to overcome their own strokes of fate. Next to the dark Omega side, we also want to point out that there is a light , a positive side, for example family members, whose illnesses are discussed in some of the songs, recovered in the end,” drummer Christopher Zillinger explains.

Some of the members of THE DISASTER AREA are making music together since school. They didn't just grow up together, they also grew together musically. “There is almost no memory of times when we hadn't been a band,” guitarist Franz Apfelbeck looks back. Since 2012 the band appears under the name THE DISASTER AREA and with a defined musical goal that was primarily outlined with the first album 'Sell Your Soul' (Deafground Records) in 2016. For the new album they worked closely together with Christoph Wieczorek of ANNISOKAY who mixed and mastered the material in his Sawdust Recordings studio. “When we did 'Sell Your Soul' we were still looking for the personal touch that we have now found with the new recordings. “They were developed as a coherent project backed up by a real concept,” guitarist Alexander Kisslinger explains. 

Following Kisslinger the album title 'Alpha // Omega' was found in the writing-process: “When we first started writing the songs, it became clear that the past years had very much formed us personally, we had experienced positive and negative events and had to learn how near life and death exist next to each other. All songs, the lyrics, the artwork – everything is shaped by the opposition of light and dark.” For Christopher Zillinger especially two songs represent the concept of the album: “'Reborn' and 'Fade' tell a coherent story. 'Fade' symbolizes the end, a stroke of fade that unfortunately is a part of everyone's life. 'Reborn' on the other side is the new start, rebirth, maybe the recovery from a bad disease.”

THE DISASTER AREA had to learn about the pain and the darkness that life brings but also how to break free from the shades - a lesson that they share to show that no one is alone with his fate. “No matter what someone has to go through, if things are good or bad, our goal was to pick up as many aspects of life as we can because they demonstrate the opposites that life is about. We believe that there is an alpha to every omega,” Franz Apfelbeck concludes.

'Alpha // Omega' now available for pre-order in the Redfield Records Shop !