Redfield Records signs THREE MILLION

Three million

We are thrilled to announce that indie-rock outfit DREIMILLIONEN has signed to Redfield Records.
(Full statement in Geman down below.)

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In recent years, German-language music, apart from punk and hardcore and with fewer and fewer exceptions, has increasingly drifted in a rather worrying direction. Hordes of producers and songwriters develop music on the drawing board that can actually only be described as hits and then sell it as personal and authentic art.

Appearance THREE MILLIONS: The young quartet from Frankfurt am Main makes alternative and indie rock with German lyrics that doesn't want to deny itself to pop, but even more so to the embarrassments and softened clichés that the radio brings into our lives every day.

Three million

The creation of DREIMILLIONEN can be described as a development and discovery process in which the band, beyond the release of the 2015 EP “Aus Gold”, first had to find their line-up and their sound. The search for something more serious and meaningful than what we knew from previous projects not only took time, but also left one or two colleagues behind.

Ultimately, DREIMILLIONEN only found their permanent line-up during the recording of “From Glass and Wine”. Today, singer and guitarist Yanni and his twin brother Chrissi (vocals and bass) are reinforced by Jonas (guitar) and Lucas (drums), who are also active in the good friends post-hardcore band RISING ANGER. While the line-up was originally intended as a temporary solution, the boys realized that something that had previously been missing suddenly fit here. An impression that Jonas is happy to confirm: "We suddenly had the feeling that after so many changes we had finally arrived."