Redfield Podcast with Ole Feltes

His band played, among other things, rock at the ring, was on the road non-stop and even released albums in Japan. Ole Feltes later supported the digital marketing activities at EMI Music and now works for Eventbrite as Senior Manager Strategic Partnerships DACH.

Between 2003 and 2008 he was the singer of the band "Fire In The Attic", which released its alternative/emocore music on Redfield Records - in a time without streaming or Facebook. The Bonners were constantly on tour, playing Rock am Ring, Rock im Park, the Taubertal Festival and many other large and small stages.

Ole Feltes on the Redfield Podcast After his sudden exit in 2008, which he also talks about in the podcast, he ended his active musical career and then worked at EMI Music in the growing digital sector. After a detour, he ended up at the now listed company Eventbrite in Berlin. He accompanied the development of the German location and is now responsible for growth and major partners as Senior Manager Strategic Partnerships DACH.

In a conversation with Alexander Schröder, Feltes looks back on his career as an active musician and realizes that this time had more of an impact on his later career than he first thought. In the podcast they both compare the different options offered by major and indie labels. They shed light on the current and future situation in the ticketing and event sector and take a look into the near digital future and the resulting opportunities.