Redfield Podcast with Mirko Witzki

With millions of views on his music videos to New York Fashion Week with the mining fashion label Grubenhelden.

With countless successful music videos, Mirko Witzki quickly made a name for himself, especially in the metal music scene. He also accompanied the Gelsenkirchen band Any Given Day, whose first album reached number 28 in the German album charts, in his documentary "My Longest Way Home - Rise To Success".

In 2019 he was awarded a "Master of Arts (Film)" and released his first short film "Catching Glimpse", which he is currently presenting at relevant short film festivals.

Redfield Podcast with Mirko Witzki In the podcast with Alexander Schröder, Mirko Witzki explains how much he can contribute to building a band's image, what budget you should plan for a professionally shot music video, what importance they still have today and why he believes that his job is future-proof.

The filmmaker from the Ruhr also looks to the future, reports on his plans for a feature-length film and why he advises Redfield to publish more of his own audiovisual content.