Redfield Podcast with Florian Brauch

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Alexander Schröder is managing director and owner of Redfield Records. In this newly launched format, he speaks to inspiring creators and experienced experts from the music industry as well as creative friends from the Redfield network.

He sheds light on careers, models of success and questions current topics relating to marketing, promotion, booking, management and artist development.

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R#1 with Florian Brauch, band manager and CEO of Sparta Entertainment

Shortly after graduating from high school, he negotiated his first major record deal as manager of the DONOTS - at a time when A&R managers at record companies could still afford to fly to appointments by helicopter.

Sparta Entertainment and Sparta Booking founder and managing director Florian Brauch talks to Alexander Schröder about founding his company in Münster and why he no longer has computer games installed on his company computer. He was a partner in a business service agency for music and media companies and even founded a record company in Japan.

In the podcast, Brauch talks about the success factors of the past, some of which are still valid, and the changes to his business model.

Florian Brauch is currently working as the manager of Jason Bartsch and Nicholas Müller, whom he accompanied with his band JUPITER JONES to the peak of their gold status career, fueled by the chart hit “Still”.

His agency books musicians like ADAM ANGST, DAS LUMPENPACK, HEISSKALT, ITCHY and MONTREAL.

In addition, the business lawyer (LL.B.) is active as a coach, consultant and mediator.