R#7 with Benjamin Mirtschin

In the year it was founded it was number 2 in the German album charts. When Fleet Union was founded, Benjamin Mirtschin was already working on a successful campaign for Thees Uhlmann in 2013. Since then, as managing director of the Cologne PR agency, he and his team have been responsible for all publications by the Hamburg label Grand Hotel van Cleef, as there have been close personal and business connections here since the beginning.

Redfield Podcast with Benjamin Mirtschin Together they realized further successful campaigns for musicians such as Marcus Wiebusch, Adam Angst, Kettcar, Fjort and Leoniden, some of whom achieved high chart positions. Fleet Union also works for other popular scene labels such as Run For Cover, Big Scary Monsters and French Kiss and oversees their releases in German-speaking countries.

In the podcast with Alexander Schröder, Benjamin Mirtschin talks about whether a PR agency should do PR for its own performance, assesses which channels are still relevant today and reports on successful media campaigns from Fleet Union. Together they shed light on the growing tension between journalism, marketing and the design and distribution of their own content.