R#6 with Gerald Oppermann

With over 2,100 releases, Timezone Records from Osnabrück has been active on the music market since 2003. In an interview with Alexander Schröder, the founder Gerald Oppermann reports on the structure of his company and describes the business model and working methods.

Gerald Oppermann started his career in the music industry at Acoustic Music, the group of companies owned by the renowned guitarist Peter Finger, which not only includes a record label, but also runs its own music magazine, DVD workshop series, music publishing house and concert events on the subject of acoustic guitar.

From this environment, Gerald Oppermann founded his label and music publisher Timezone Records in 2009, and a music distributor of the same name was later added. And all of this at a time when, due to declining physical sales, everyone thought he was crazy for taking on such a venture.

Gerald Opperman Ten years later, Oppermann looks back on over 2,100 publications in the Redfield Podcast. Timezone not only sells its own releases throughout Germany, but also those of other labels.

In addition, he devotes himself to other areas. Oppermann and his colleagues produce content for the musicians, shoot music videos, take band photos or take on recording, mixing or mastering for their own artists.

In Osnabrück, where we live, the musical activities are noticeable; Timezone organizes concert series in the city and also publishes many local and regional musicians. This also brought the label into contact with Heinz Schenk. The former head of Warner Strategic Marketing is considered the inventor of the “Bravo Hits” compilation and networked for and with Timezone.