R#46 with Lukas Rössler, founder of Whaaat

Luke Rössler

Investments, music law and the world of music publishing - this episode of the Redfield Podcast is about modern business models in the music world and a new idea for making money with song rights.

Podcast guest Lukas Rössler talks to Alexander Schröder about his newly launched financing platform Whaaat, which brings artists together with investors. The Austrian is himself active as a musician and producer. In 2010 he founded the new media agency Fosbury and has already worked with clients such as Nike, Sony Music Austria, Oracle and Strabag Real Estate.

Financing for the first artists via the new platform will begin in summer 2020. Investors such as music companies, but also fans of the artist, can purchase shares in song rights; the artist receives the royalties. In this way, the vision of modern financing, which the artist can then use for marketing, PR or productions, for example, is combined with the traditional publishing business. In the long term, Rössler wants to build different models around Whaaat and think beyond publishing law.

The podcast also talks about interesting startups in the music sector, effective data collection and how the music publishing business could be modernized in general.