R#44 with Robert Kasel from Nicebandnights

Nicebandnights Robert Kasel

He has been successful in the events industry for almost 20 years. In this episode, Alexander Schröder welcomes Robert Kasel and talks to him about his career and the current situation during the corona pandemic.

The paths of Redfield Records and Kasel crossed right from the start. He held his first concert with the first band on Redfield Records - almost 20 years ago. The trained chef is now a fixture in Trier, Koblenz and the surrounding area with Nicebandnights and organizes large and small concerts there. In this episode he explains how he began to build his network, establish initial contact with booking agencies and how he assesses the current status of the live sector before and after Corona.

Kasel is also active as merchandise manager for Christina Sturmer and Max Giesinger and oversees the live sales of these and other artists. His professional career is inextricably linked to Jupiter Jones. He accompanied the band from the Eifel, which had a mega hit with “Still”, which became the most played German-language song on German radio in 2011, almost from the start as a booker, tour manager or merchandiser and followed their climb into the charts up close.