R#43 with Malte Karstan, E-Commerce Consultant

Painted Karstan

What status does physical music distribution have today and what is the optimal sales and distribution structure for recorded music in the future? This episode of the Redfield Podcast is all about music distribution with a focus on e-commerce.

Malte Karstan works as an e-commerce consultant and has many years of background in the music industry. There he held a management position at the Hamburg music distributor Membran, among other things.
He has over 20 years of e-commerce experience and looks after a wide range of companies and industries, from DAX companies to budding unicorns to medium-sized companies or local heroes.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Malte Karstan explains the currently best form of physical music distribution and describes what exactly you should pay attention to. Whether FBA or FBM, they address the ideal Amazon strategy and how you can play profitably and not have to be overwhelmed by market power. Always in view: your own sales channels and product sovereignty.
They discuss which company is currently doing a good job of selling recordings in e-commerce and what opportunities and risks look like in the future.