R#42 with Peter Finger, founder of Acoustic Music

Peter Fingers

The renowned musician Peter Finger achieved his international breakthrough when he was almost 20 years old and has been among the world's top acoustic guitarists ever since. The starting signal for a decades-long successful career! Anyone who deals with acoustic guitar music cannot ignore Peter Finger or Acoustic Music.

Acoustic Music was founded in 1988 and Peter Finger became an entrepreneur with his own record company. A step he never really wanted to take. The “Acoustic Music Family” now includes, among other things, two specialist magazines, a concert series and his own guitar factory. The company is based in the Lutherhaus in Osnabrück. There is a concert hall, offices, sound and video studio as well as the Guitar Bazaar - the company's own specialist shop for acoustic guitars.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Peter Finger talks about the beginnings of his career, which took off at a rapid pace early on. They talk about the peculiarities of the acoustic guitar music scene, its sales channels and how acoustic music has become one of the most important contact points for acoustic guitar music and what role the musician Peter Finger plays in this.


(Image: Manfred Pollert)