R#38 with Julia Gudzent from Goodlive Artists

Julia Gudzent

Whether Melt, Splash, Berlin Festival or the German Lollapalooza: Julia Gudzent's career in the booking business is closely linked to these outstanding live music events. The Bavarian-born artist has been accompanying the Melt Festival in particular for around 15 years.

She works for the Goodlive Artists group, which, like many other companies in the live industry, was hit hard by the Corona crisis. All festivals planned for 2020 have been postponed until the following year.

In an interview with Alexander Schröder, Julia Gudzent reports on the current situation. The two also talk about the start of their careers. She held her first concert at the age of 15, quickly accompanied international bands through Europe as a tour manager and remained loyal to the music industry despite journalistic excursions.

With this experience and deep insights into the booking industry, she can, among other things, classify the need for increasing event commercialization, estimate the share of ticket sales and assess how important it has become that the supporting program at festivals also becomes more colorful and loud or how Yoga festivals work.

She is also involved in the musequality network, which advocates for greater equality for women and the support of female artists. A topic that is very important to her personally.